A Resource for Food Retailers Supporting Family Meals


“As an industry, we’re uniquely qualified to help families eat together more often.”
–Cathy Polley, Executive Director, FMI Foundation


“Family is who you eat with.”
–Grad student


“Frequent family meals are related to better nutrition and decreased risk for unhealthy weight.”
–Univ. of Minnesota


“Teens who have frequent family dinners are at half the risk for substance abuse.”

Idea of the Week for Retailers

Ethnic Food Sample Day

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Set up sample stations in the store featuring your ethnic foods section. Offer world maps to children in the store and have them identify the countries where the food and recipes originate from.

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Member Feature

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Promotion Planning

February: Heart Healthy Family Meals

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Promote heart healthy family meals during the month of February. Offer recipes using lean meats cuts, fish and protein alternatives such as tofu, beans or lentils.

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