Background & Objectives

The food retail industry feeds families and enriches their lives through more than just a shopping list. U.S. consumers’ work to put food on the table, nourishing the bodies and minds of those they define as family and grocery stores enable these families to come together over a meal and share an experience. While this experience has unique context to each family, food retailers can inspire ideas, themes, flavors and concepts to embolden food and create a meal.

Through the work of its foundation, the Food Marketing Institute created the Gold Plate Award in order to highlight the outstanding programs FMI retailer, wholesaler members have implemented to encourage family meals.  Examples include healthy family meals, quick family meals, cooking with kids, meatless weekday, themed dinners, breakfast with the family, MyPlate meals, and more. FMI encourages its members to celebrate their contributions to family mealtime experiences by participating in the Gold Plate Award.


  • Position the supermarket industry as the leader in family meal solutions
  • Inspire food retailers to provide tools and solutions for their customers to easily create family meals